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Audacity is an audio editor for recording, slicing, mixing and sharing audio. Audacity is a great tool for podcasting. There are lots of ways to use Audacity in your classrooms:
  • learning and teaching about intellectual property and copyright associated with music
  • recording a two-minute podcast for students to demonstrate their understanding of a class topic
  • exploring sound waves, and
  • cutting, copying, splicing or mixing sounds together.

 Recording with Audacity Be creative with Audacity and record and edit a range of sounds. How can you use your digital creations to complement other class-work?  Ask your students to create sound-scapes for different situations 

Podcasting using Audacity Encourage students to create their own podcasts for presentations or revision. Information about creating podcasts can be found on the Connect site at: 

‘Secret sound’ fun with Audacity Sound effects are used extensively in music, films, advertisements etc. It can be very difficult to recognise a sound without having visual clues or knowing the context.  Ask the students to play a game with a classmate, a group or the whole class by recording different sounds using Audacity. You can actually record the real sound or try to reproduce it using props to help you. Some suggestions are: a kettle boiling, a printer, a train, a light switch, water running, tap dripping, paper tearing, a zipper etc. See who can recognise your ‘secret sounds'.

Visit the following site for more information about getting started with  creating podcasts
Stories from the classroom

Story 1

When the Grade 5/6 children at Quarry Hill Primary School were told by their classroom teachers that they had ‘won’ a virtual trip to a South East Asian country, the children were especially excited. Of course, the catch was that they now had to create a virtual record showing what they had learnt about that country. The choice was theirs.

They could use: ·         

  • Paint to create postcards about destinations and attractions in that country      
  • Word to create a tourist brochure        
  • Audacity to interview visiting tourists       
  • Xtranormal <> a simple-to-use online flash movie maker to create a video diary of their virtual journey.

 The children loved the opportunity to work independently and certainly were very motivated.

Classroom teachers, Fran Forge and Natasha Harding, were also very excited and pleased when children presented their recordings of what they had learnt from their virtual trips to South East Asia. Everyone agreed that this was one of the best virtual holidays they had ever been on!

Story 2 

Dallas Primary School and Kindergarten has a strong focus on oral language.   Students engage in discussions about their learning every day, in both small group   and whole class situations.   This year, students have begun to record their reflections, rehearse conversations and   publish their writing using the program Audacity available on the netbook. Through   Audacity, children have the opportunity to listen to and evaluate their recordings, then   make necessary changes until they are happy with the final product.   

Recently Dallas Primary School and Kindergarten purchased audio equipment. This   included a mixer, microphones and headsets. The students connect their netbooks to   the mixer and record their reflections, conversations and work in studio-quality sound   using Audacity. Two students were trained in the use of the equipment by the expert   who set the audio station up. These students have then gone on to train other students   across the grade 3 to 6 classes. 

Our next step is to turn this audio station into a radio   station where the students are in control of live segments that will be broadcast within   a two kilometre radius of our school. This responsibility will require students to think   about their audience and the delivery of their content.   The school community is excited about the radio station, especially the way the   students’ work will be broadcast and heard by all tuned in.  

Michelle Meracis