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Monkey Jam allows you to create films using stop motion animation students connect a web cam and become animated film makers.

There are lots of ways to use Monkey Jam in your classrooms:

  • Working together to plan and generate a stop motion animation that illustrates a concept in science such as growing broad beans or another plant and create a movie to show growth
  • Capturing images from a camcorder or  scanner and assemble them as separate frames of an animation to show the lifecycle of a caterpillar
  • Building a collaborative story-telling activity on a specific topic such as teamwork.
Stories from the classroom...

‘We have probably had the most exciting year in primary school with these netbooks,’ say two Grade 5 students from Moriac Primary School. The following is part of a short reflection from two students about their involvement with the Netbook trial.

Their teachers were greatly encouraged by the students’ responses, which were overwhelmingly positive. ‘They [the netbooks] have been a great influence on us. They have developed our learning skills. They have encouraged us to want to come to school, to want to learn new things and develop new learning skills. Miss Franklin from Bellbrae Primary School developed a wiki for us (thanks for the funny passwords) which allows us to communicate with other students from different schools. The wiki is one of many programs that help us learn more. There are many more programs that we use including; Monkey Jam, Blender, Kahootz 3, Audacity, and Debut Video Capture. These programs are important learning tools for our education. We have probably had the most exciting year in primary school with these netbooks. It increases our learning skills. We think all students would be most grateful to the government for providing us with this equipment.’

By CM and JL