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Using ICT to support English

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Primary Schools
Secondary Schools
  • Waxing lyrical - St Helena Secondary College: Year 7 students wrote and produced original rap songs using Microsoft Songsmith that could be used by Year 10 students who were making movies.
    AusVELS: Literacy
  • Literacy rules - Ferny Grove State School: Year 7 students use a class wiki to collaborate and access web2.0 tools to improve literacy and thinking (applicable to any year level).
    AusVELS: All Strands
  • Analysing current affairs - Varsity College:  Year 10 students analyse current affairs shows and present their findings using Windows Live Movie Maker, Microsoft Office, PowerPoint and Audacity.
    AusVELS: Language
  • Backchanneling - Kedron State High School: Year 10 students use backchanneling while watching a video to comment, ask questions, inquire and discuss, all without breaking the flow of the video (applicable to L4 and above).
    AusVELS: Literature, Language
  • Is ‘doh’ a real word? - Kedron State High School: Year 10 students use a number of online tools to discover the etymology of the English language while increasing their vocabulary. A wiki was used for answers and discussion.
    AusVELS: Language
  • The science of poetry - Australian Science and Mathematics School: Year 10-11. Engage reluctant students with poetry by offering relevant ways for them to form opinions and the chance to create a digital resource. Students created ‘bricks’ – digital collages of images using the internet, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
    AusVELS: Literature
  • Meet you online! - Geelong High School: A VCE teacher used web2.0 tools to share resources with students to increase their collaboration and organisation. Tools included Stixy, Diigo, Penzu and Eyeplorer (applicable to any year level).