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An eLearning vision will provide the eLearning direction for your school. The vision should describe a desired outcome that inspires and energises you, and helps create a compelling picture of your school and community in the future, how it looks and how ICT enables improvement.

An eLearning vision needs to emerge from your school strategic plan, in particular from the school profile (purpose, values and context) and strategic intent.

Make sure that your vision is a clear and succinct statement that is easily understood and owned by all members of your school community: teachers and non-teaching staff, students and parents. Your eLearning vision will be central to your eLearning plan. You can complete your eLearning plan online here.

Many schools have already experienced great improvements through using eLearning. Large-scale connectivity and infrastructure projects have been highly successful in networking schools and connecting them to the internet. But, the focus is now shifting – from broadband, technical architecture and access, to the appropriate use of technology to support pedagogy, school improvement and transformation. Transformation of learning and teaching requires more than provision of the tools – it requires ongoing support, professional learning, research, leadership and guidance.

Questions to consider
  • How will learning and teaching change, and how will ICT support this change?
  • What type of learning environments will you see?
  • How will learning take place?
  • What will your students’ expectations of learning be?
  • What will your students know, value, and be able to do when they leave your school?
  • Does your eLearning vision stem from the School Strategic Plan, and does it create a picture of what ICT can enable in your school?
  • Is the eLearning vision a strong and succinct statement that is easily understood by all members of the school community?
  • How will your eLearning vision support a whole school approach to the use of ICT?

(Suggestions from Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn Education Office, http://cg.catholic.edu.au/ accessed July 2014)