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Your school's ICT plan can now be created through the online Schools ICT Progression Strategy (SIPS) website. This resource is accessible to Principal class officers and Learning Technologies Coordinators and will lead you through the steps required to develop an effective and targeted plan for your school.

Your planning needs to take into account the infrastructure and technologies available and the emerging digital technologies of our students, as well as to develop appropriate strategies to support improved learning and teaching in your school.

The resources below provide further information around the eLearning Leadership aspect of your school's ICT plan. However, these are provided for your reference only, please access the online planning tool here. 

 eLearning Leadership refers to the ways in which school leadership establishes the ICT vision for the school and supports all aspects of implementation and change management by:

  • establishing and fostering a shared eLearning vision
  • developing an eLearning Plan linked to a shared eLearning Vision and school priorities.
  • distributing and sharing responsibility for leading eLearning
  • securing the school community’s commitment to the eLearning Vision
  • facilitating all aspects of ICT implementation so that it supports individual, team and whole school improvement across the school, and
  • encompassing data such as the ePotential ICT Capability Survey results and other performance data, including student learning outcomes, to inform the eLearning Plan.
The eLearning Leadership sub-element is:
  • eLearning Leadership
Some thoughts...

“Effective leaders will enthuse, guide and encourage their colleagues on a journey towards a goal. They must have (and be able to articulate) some idea about where they are going and what they are trying to achieve. They will also be ready to review and amend their ideas as the journey progresses…”

Jenny Scribbins, Demonstrating Transformation, FERL, UK

Some questions to consider...
  • How is leadership of eLearning distributed and managed across the school? 
  • Is your vision shared by key stakeholders across your school community? 
  • How does leading the implementation of eLearning support individual, team, and whole school change to use ICT to its full potential?