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Your school's ICT plan can now be created through the online Schools ICT Progression Strategy (SIPS) website. This resource is accessible to Principal class officers and Learning Technologies Coordinators and will lead you through the steps required to develop an effective and targeted plan for your school.

Your planning needs to take into account the infrastructure and technologies available and the emerging digital technologies of our students, as well as to develop appropriate strategies to support improved learning and teaching in your school.

The resources below provide further information around the ICT Professional Learning aspect of your school's ICT plan. However, these are provided for your reference only, please access the online planning tool here.  

Learning Places and Spaces refers to how schools design, maintain and update IT infrastructure, learning places, spaces and resources, to maximise learning opportunities by:

  • providing eLearning in safe and secure, learner-centred, flexible learning spaces and connected digital environments
  •  exploring virtual learning environments and providing access to learning resources outside of school hours
  • planning and resourcing equitable learner access to ICT, and
  • enabling the seamless integration of ICT into effective learning and teaching by planning for and resourcing the changing ICT needs of the whole school community, including support for learners through efficient administration and student information processes, and
  • supporting the diverse and changing needs of learners, while responding to new and emerging technologies that enhance learning.

The Learning Places and Spaces sub-elements are: Access and Physical Layout. Key questions include:

What types of access to ICT are available for learning?  How could accessibility to ICT for all students in all classrooms be improved? 

How do the physical layouts create learning environments, maximising the use of ICT for diverse learning and teaching opportunities?